Use the Acutrac for friends and family to follow your touring holidays
As well as theft recovery. The most user adaptable and friendly system there is!


Works world-wide - here is shot taken of a vehicle parked in Cologne.

Because we design and manufacture in the UK, we can make bespoke systems
to suit whatever you want. - Stand alone systems with mains chargers or a larger
internal battery for up to one year life on its own internal battery.
Just ask!
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AcuTrac products come with an inclusive subscription period - you decide how long.

Subscription costs after the inclusive time are the lowest around -

less than a pound a week!

Welcome to AcuTrac - with inclusive-subscription Location devices

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ALL of our devices come with an inclusive contract SIM card - that means NO MONTHLY or ANNUAL FEE for up to 3 Years!  

Investing in a tracking device can be a costly business.  With most, if not all, rival systems you also have to budget for an expensive monthly or annual contract fee in addition to the basic cost of the kit - until now

Our extensive experience in the business tells us that after the first week or so of showing your mates and family how easy it is to see where your pride and joy is, where you have been and (perhaps!) how quickly you did it, customer usage drops dramatically to the primary purpose of theft recovery; where you only need an alert should the unthinkable happen…

So, with this in mind, all Acutrac, BikeBack, BoatBack and QuadBack devices are priced with an inclusive Sim card contract (to protect against loss of the service number) and utilise ‘pay as you use’ text messaging to keep running costs firmly under your control.

Of course, if you want an ‘all-singing’ unit, hard wired to your kit, and you plan extensive use, then we can offer a money saving monthly fee option – with no hidden charges for use outside the UK.

What about service reliability?  Our trackers use text messaging rather than GPRS – to reduce the battery drain and to ensure a much higher reliability of signal.  After all, you will want no message delays should ‘Chummy’ come to call…To see an entire range comparison chart click here.  

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There are 4 models in the main Acutrac range - aimed primarily at tracking an asset: Locator, Locator Plus, Locator Alarm! and Premier.  All have very low current drain and automatic battery saving mode for long (up to 4 months on internal battery) monitoring of your machine.

Whilst  Acutrac devices are primarily designed for asset recovery, your access to a user defined, password protected, web panel allows you to: 

Locator Plus and Premier units also feature motion sensor alerts and regular GPS position reports when the ignition is activated for added security.

 For help in deciding which Acutrac unit is right for you, please Click Here.  

New for 2012 are BikeBack and BikeBack PLUS.  Designed for customers who need a portable unit at a budget price, these basic recovery systems need no wiring and are ideal for owners with more than one motorcycle who want protection away from a secure base.

 In the event that your bike is not where you left it, they will give you a location on demand (BikeBack) or regular position reports (BikeBack PLUS) via the user defined, password protected, web panel.

 The internal battery will keep the unit live for up to 6 months* and a mains charger is supplied to keep the power topped up.  Both units can also be hard-wired to the vehicle if you prefer.

 If you like the idea of portability, click on the BikeBack logo.

 * in storage mode 

boatbackAlso new for 2012 are BoatBack and BoatBack PLUS.   These products are designed specifically to protect small pleasure craft, jet skis and outboard engines – in fact anything that can grow "Fins" and disappear on its own!  

Customers looking for a waterproof, portable unit at a budget price will appreciate these basic asset recovery systems that need no wiring, just a place to hide.  They are ideal for owners wanting the flexibility to track different types of marine equipment away from a secure base. In the event that your boat is not where you moored it or your outboard has gone from the transom, they will give you a location on demand (BoatBack) or regular position reports (BoatBack PLUS*) via the user defined, password protected, web panel. All units can also be hard-wired to the vessel or engine (provided a battery is already installed) if you prefer. If you like the idea of portable security, click on the BoatBack logo for more details.   

For the Quad enthusiast or commercial ATV user, portable units have been developed for your machines too.  Our QuadBack and QuadBack PLUS units offer the same features as their motorcycle equivalents and everything is controlled via the secure user web panel.

 For the commercial operator, QuadBack units will give the same protection service whether concealed on your ATV, Tractor or other plant.

 To choose which unit is right for you, click on the QuadBack logo.

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