Want to see a Locator2 being used? CLICK HERE to see a recent European trip we did. While AcuTrac devices are primarily designed for theft recovery - you can have some fun with them as well. Please note this isn't a full "User Web Panel" as we have removed the ability to alter the settings.

What can AcuTrac tracking products be used for?

MotorbikeScooterCar & AutomotiveMotorhomeTrailer/HorseboxCaravanWatercraft
Originally designed for the difficult world of Motorcycles (Small batteries, infrequent use, waterproof and vibration proof a must) they can easily be fitted to any automotive or other application such as marine or horseboxes. AcuTrac devices are designed for "infrequent use" - in other words, primarily theft recovery purposes rather than fleet management.

Vehicle tracking is now the most common form of Security Protection. As more and more vehicles come with Immobilisation (and sometimes alarms) as standard, the aftermarket has to adjust to this moving market place.

Vehicle, or Asset, Tracking is a mine-field. There are three main types (in terms of how they work, that is) & for more information on how Trackers work - all three main types; their good and not so good features in our opinion, click here.

For a short-cut to suggested devices for each vehicle type, click on the relevant icon above.

Every AcuTrac devices comes with an inclusive user web panel - see some examples below (Click on them for a bigger picture - opens in new window).